We are Sonterra Insurance

James Cotter and I formed Sonterra Insurance Group, LLC in 2015. By combining our expertise in the insurance, financial and real estate business, we were able to successfully launch Sonterra Insurance.  With the dissolution of Steve Chafin Financial and GATA Wealth Management, the creation of Sonterra Insurance and the strategic alliance with Clinton Polley Insurance Group, we were able to save the Cotter family alone over $200,000 of annual insurance premiums.  We therefore dedicated ourselves to helping other businesses in a similar fashion.  For this reason we have focused primarily on commercial office building owners and their ancillary or tenant businesses.  In a short time we have prospered by devoting ourselves to this task and concurrently developing strategic business relationships in other industries as well.

In a relatively short tenure, our former owner-operated insurance and financial services agency has grown to become a prominent regional brokerage. Today, we work with numerous companies throughout Texas and are already expanding our operations nationwide. You can expect to see regional offices in various states to help facilitate newly acquired business as we grow.  However, we remain firmly committed to the core values of our organization. It is imperative for us to provide expertise, innovation, and a superior quality of service to our clients. We embrace our responsibility to represent each client honestly and competently. We value each partnership we develop and appreciate the opportunity to represent our clients and carriers to the best of our ability.